Friday, 9 August 2013

Sexism and homophobia within gaming communities

Keaven's recent blog about GaymerX ( got me all thoughtful-like.

Now as I write this I want to iterate that I do NOT want to be a "gurl gamer" or make a big deal out of it etc... But the unfortunate truth is that regardless of how you play you will get judged a lot more if you are female, than if you are not.

Point in fact: I played Warhammer Online for 4+ years (as many of you know :P) and prior to my sex becoming common knowledge I was a respected DPS.  After it became common knowledge I slowly but surely came to be treated differently and got a lot of pretty barbaric harassment.

It seems to me that bloke gamers (not all, I hasten to add) assume that female gamers fall into two categories - useless and hawt and there for attention, or half-decent and "fugly" and there coz nolife.  Actually it may be three if you include "it's a bloke pretending to be a female to get gold n shit", lol.

I've met some very cool people over the years of gaming and honestly most aren't judgemental.  However there is SUCH a racist, homophobic, sexist and incredibly vocal minority within the online gaming hobby these days that said majority just keep quiet to avoid becoming the brunt of any harassment.   You know what this? Bullying.  And if you're the kid who just stands in the background behind the bully and does nothing, then you are part of the problem.

So I'd urge all of you to do your utmost to defend the rights and differences of your online community just as you would "In real life" and do your damnedest to stamp out the puerile idiots who give all of us a bad name.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Grow up. No one wants to hear your whining. Girls are so privileged in gaming. You don't get half the abuse that guys give to each other, and you get a little taste and spit your dummy. It's pathetic.

  2. Western Feminism = Heterophobia. Don't get sucked in. Censorship is not the road you want to go down. I had my account suspended and banned on a public warhammer forum by a self confessed manhating feminist and her sidekick, a 30something girl by the online handle of Laurelia + Neytyri. A girl who has whored her way through various men she's met online and in game, and Neytyri who bragged about being bought things all the time, sending people pictures of herself naked and sleeping or trying to sleep with other guy gamers in the community. Maybe you want to look at the LARGER "minority" (if you can even call it that) of GIRL gamers who give you all a bad name rather than pointing at heterosexual men.

  3. Heterosexual male identity in adolescent situations or environments is about competition and sexual prowess (or perceived), and the strength of that heterosexuality. That means by default a rejection of homosexuality. That isn't going to change. We don't ask women to change, women who attack male heterosexuality/potency constantly in the media and gaming world and communities with NO reprimand or penalty. Get a grip, and shove your victim card where the sun don't shine.

  4. We should draw awareness to the harm bullying can do, of course. Segregating and refusing to adapt or integrate however, is far more childish and potentially damaging to communities than a bit of namecalling. It is such organisations that promote "US vs THEM" mentality.

  5. You were a respected DPS before people found out you were female and you were a respected DPS afterward, to anyone worth a damn. I've been surprised to learn just how many female gamers there were in WAR, it's a shame a few of the louder ones give girl gamers a bad name, but as you say, there are a lot of cocks spoiling the broth for female gamers and for those of us men who enjoy a "diverse" gaming community. Most of what I wrote previously is knee jerk shit that is really directed at perverse discrimination I've experienced the other way from female gamers/admins. Sorry to piss on your blog comments like that. Peace.

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